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Russell Braun's Recording of Schubert's song cycle Winterreise Receiving Rave Reviews!

Russell Braun and pianist Carolyn Maule's much-awaited recording of Schubert's great song cycle Winterreise was released on September 15, 2005 and has been flooded with accolades ever since.

Russell Braun's Winterreise chosen as No. 2 on the top 10 Best Recordings of 2005 according to New York's Newsday

"A searching musician, Braun also has one of the world's most beautiful baritone voices. He brings a poet's soul and a young man's bewildered grief to Schubert's shattering cycle of solitude and loss." (Newsday, 25 December 2005)



"One is struck first by the sheer beauty of his voice; it has much the same warmth and honeyed sheen of Fischer-Dieskau's but with a darker and more burnished sound. He sings with a great suppleness and a gorgeous legato that produces a superb caressing of the words. Braun has glowing top notes and an even timbre across the two octaves of these songs. He employs a greater range of contrasting dynamics than any of the singers on the 18 recordings I compared." (American Record Guide, March/April 2006)
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"The January 2005 recording by Canadian baritone and Russell Braun and pianist Carolyn Maule goes up against this formidable competition [Fischer-Dieskau and Goerne], as well an estimable Winterreise by Braun's late father, Victor, a distinguished Met Onegin and Golaud. Braun fils's effort emerges with considerable credit...a mellifluous, musical and strongly felt interpretation... His finely honed instrument is placed higher than his father's, with an almost tenorish ease on top, but the substantial low notes audible in "Gefror'ne Tränen" (for one) show that he, too, may eventually sing roles such as Golaud. ... Braun's unpretentiously moving singing is supported with articulate sensitivity and fine, clear tone by pianist Maule, his wife." (Opera News, January 2006)
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"Russell Braun may be better known as an opera singer, but over the last few years, he's blossomed into a great lieder and recital singer, too. Here, in Die Winterreise, he convincingly captures the despair, loneliness and frustration of the young, jilted lover, without ever over-sentimentalizing. Braun has a wide range of vocal colours from which to draw, and they're used beautifully depending on the circumstance and need. Pianist Carolyn Maule comes into her own on this disc. She proves here that she's a pianist to watch, with subtle and detailed work that enhances, supports, comments and concludes. This is a classic and classical account of Die Winterreise. *****" (CBC Sound Advice, 4 December 2005)

"This Canadian entry in a crowded Winterreise CD market was a brave undertaking, but the result is superb. The baritone's applications of rubato are sparing, and all the more effective for that reason. He is especially strong when Schubert's vocal line drives wildly over close to two octaves in a single phrase, as happens several times. When, at the end of "Auf dem Flusse", the piano takes over the main tune because the singer/hero seems choked up, both artists convey the connection perfectly. Maule has an extraordinary grasp of the images in the piano part." (WholeNote, December 2005)

"Russell Braun's eagerly awaited account is superb in every way, notable for its smooth legato, a consistent and ravishingly beautiful tone throughout the vocal range, clear enunciation and impeccable pitch." (Opera Canada, November/ December 2005)
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"This is a nicely nuanced interpretation. Braun's voice is richer than Fischer-Dieskau's." (Toronto Star, December 1, 2005)

"Baritone Russell Braun has a fine, resonant voice, and the accompaniment by his wife, Canadian pianist Carolyn Maule, is all one would want." (Regina Leader-Post, 16 December 2005)

"There is much warmth in the performances...in this beautifully sung and played version of this greatest of song cycles." (Ottawa Citizen, 22 October 2005)
**Also selected as one of the Best Classical Recordings of 2005**

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